Andrew Marks

The foundation of my life has been founded on the teachings taught in the Bible. My faith and loyalty to Jesus Christ has been the focal point of my decisions and how I live my life. This has been the case for both my wife Anna and I as we have been Christians all our lives and fortunate to be raised in Christian households.

I was born February 15, 1991 and grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago Illinois and was surrounded by a loving and caring family both inside and outside the church. I accepted Christ at an early age and spent my childhood years discovering and strengthening my Christian life. It wouldn’t be until my senior year of high school in 2009 that my faith would be tested when my father got a new job in Kansas City and had to completely uproot and move to a different part of the country. It would be Northwest Bible Church where we would call home and develop relationships within the congregation and surrounding areas.

I attended Bethel University in 2009 which is where I attended my first 2 years in St. Paul MN seeking a degree in history and theology. While attending, I enlisted in the Army National Guard and served for six years in Field Artillery. My faith would be tested this first year when receiving a phone call from my mother that my dad suffered a major stroke and was in the ICU. With the help, love, and generosity of the people at Northwest Bible Church I was able to rush home and spend time with my family. Although he hasn’t reached full recovery, God still delivered my father and family, and kept us safe and help us to continue to count our blessings.

After leaving Bethel I transferred to Missouri State University in Springfield Missouri Where I got my bachelor’s degree in History and minor in World Religion. Following those last 2 years I got to marry my lovely wife on June 15, 2013 and have been happily married since. She is a registered nurse and has a passion for serving God and the church.

It is an honor to get to work and minister to the teens of the North Kansas City area. They are the future of our church and the mission that Christ has called his followers to do in Matthew 28: 19-20.