AWANA Kids Helping the Homeless

Through March 13, our AWANA kids collected for the shopping list sent out by City Union Mission to feed hungry, homeless people.  They collected items requested by the mission.  Peanut butter and jelly, boxed macaroni and cheese, boxed cake mixes, canned fruit, canned soup, pinto and chili beans.  The kids collected 370 lbs. of food to help homeless people.  Thanks to all who helped.

Baby Bottle Offering

Our Women’s Ministry had a special offering project, where people took baby bottles home as banks, to put money in to help the Parkville Women’s Clinic.  The offering to help women in crisis pregnancy was $634.24, thank you for your generosity.

Helping the Homeless at City Union Mission

City Union Mission is a HUGE ministry.  They have the men’s shelter that feeds and houses over 200 men each night of the year, sometimes many more than that.  City Union Mission has a long term men’s program that takes over a year to teach and disciple men who never had the kind of things a family can provide.  There is the Family Shelter, that houses 75+ each night, men, women and children, and the long term program for women.  They have camps for kids.  And all the offices and support to make this possible.
We sought a way to help out tangibly.  They use a lot of copy paper and toilet paper!  So we are collecting these two items at church each week.
SO FAR – 753 reams of copy paper delivered (reams are packages of 500 sheets)
  • 2726 rolls of TP delivered.
  • 2741 pairs of new kids’ socks and underwear.
  • 86 pairs of winter gloves, scarves and hats
  • 153 packages/items of school supplies.
  • We are just getting started!

Jolene Hurley is the Missionary of the Quarter

Jolene Hurley is our missionary of the quarter for April through June.  Jolene is part of a church planting team in Koper, Slovenia with Avant Ministries.  This is exciting for us at church because she grew up here at NWBC and is a member of the church!  The offering project goes for thirteen weeks to encourage her with a special gift.